Swans - London's artisan dry cleaners and launderers

Swans - London's artisan dry cleaners & launderers

Where to find us

Belsize Park

163 Haverstock Hill
London, NW3 4QT

020 7722 1155

Primrose Hill

19 Lower Merton Rise
London, NW3 3RA

020 7722 4231


34 Store Street
London, WC1E 7BS

020 3674 2344

Clothing care tips

Evening wear

Got a stain on your dinner jacket or cocktail dress? Here's some advice from Ernesta, one of our artisan cleaners.

Don't be tempted to rub away at the spot where you dropped a canapé on your Chanel dress. Most evening wear fabrics cnntain natural fibres - like velvet or silk - and any dyes can run very easily.

If you spill something on yourself and then try to rub it with water, you won't get rid of the stain - you'll just add a watermark around it, and you might even remove some of the colour from the garment. It's better to leave the stain alone and take it to your professional cleaner.

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What our customers say

"I send in suits for work and I always end up having them do it in 24 hours, so they're really good at doing things overnight and getting them back to me straight away - all my personal clothing, plus all my work clothing, as well; all my housing things, all my bed linens - they do everything. Also, I've had to move out, because I'm renovating my house, and they very kindly kept a lot of laundry there, like my curtains and sheets, so I swapped them over as and when need be."

Ruby Sheera

Welcome to Swans

For over 30 years, Swans have been providing fully hand-finished dry cleaning, laundry, shirt service and tailor alterations and repairs for people who care about keeping their fine clothes and furnishings in immaculate condition.