Swans - London's artisan dry cleaners and launderers

Swans - London's artisan dry cleaners & launderers

Where to find us

Belsize Park

163 Haverstock Hill
London, NW3 4QT

020 7722 1155

Primrose Hill

19 Lower Merton Rise
London, NW3 3RA

020 7722 4231


34 Store Street
London, WC1E 7BS

020 3674 2344

Clothing care tips

Brighter whites

Want to get brighter whites from your wash? Here's some advice from Steve, our resident fabric care expert.

Only use as much washing powder as you really need, because too much will degrade fabrics and make them turn grey.

Bear in mind that these days, manufacturers will often put in optical brighteners. The garment, when new, will look really, really bright - but that's an artificial colour, so don't feel as if you're doing anything wrong if it dims after the first wash.

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What our customers say

"It's the attention to detail. I brought in a jacket and forgot to tell them that there was one of the buttons in the outer pocket that needed to be put on. Since I forgot to mention it, I thought, well, it will get lost, forget it, I'll get a new button. When I got it back, the button was sewn on. I said, 'How did you find that?' and they said, 'Didn't you tell us?' I said, 'No'. 'Well, the button was there, there was one missing, and so we put it on.' I would really call it mindfulness: it is more than just attention to detail and doing a professional job. It is more like trying to be in the customer's shoes."

Matthias Gründler

Welcome to Swans

For over 30 years, Swans have been providing fully hand-finished dry cleaning, laundry, shirt service and tailor alterations and repairs for people who care about keeping their fine clothes and furnishings in immaculate condition.