About us

Swans dry cleaners have been providing a professional cleaning service throughout North west and Central London since 1998. .

Our services focus not only on everyday items but mainly on high quality clothing with meticulous care and a high standard of finishing, this has made us a favourite with a number of high end brands. .

Combining the finest traditions by our highly skilled craftsmen with the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment available we pride ourselves on being one of the finest dry cleaners in London. .

We do not outsource our cleaning like other on-demand services all the cleaning is processed at our own facilities, hence we can maintain the quality and service we provide to you. .

The process is simple, place an order through our website once we receive the order and check it through to make sure all is correct and in good state for the required cleaning process, we then allocate it for delivery with our drivers and that’s all you need to do. .

You can also just give us a call and we can take the order over the phone too.