A lot of my clothes are from McQueen or Commes des Garçons or Lanvin, so to put clothes like that, at that expense, in someone’s hands, that could actually go one way or another. With Steve, everything always comes back 100%. The standards that they have are second to none. I think that’s what makes them stand out from the rest of the dry cleaners. You know for a fact that whenever you actually send anything in to Steve, it’s always going to come back guaranteed like you’ve just bought it.

Paul Murashe

I send in suits for work and I always end up having them do it in 24 hours, so they’re really good at doing things overnight and getting them back to me straight away – all my personal clothing, plus all my work clothing, as well; all my housing things, all my bed linens – they do everything. Also, I’ve had to move out, because I’m renovating my house, and they very kindly kept a lot of laundry there, like my curtains and sheets, so I swapped them over as and when need be.

Ruby Sheera

I have been using Swans for several of years now, the staff are so lovely and the owner makes sure that all the dry cleaning comes back to you in perfect condition. I put a lot of difficult items together with alterations through and nothing is too much trouble to do. Great staff and great service highly recommended.

Debbie Isaacs

“WONDERFUL PEOPLE AND A SUPER SERVICE.” Wonderful people and a super service. Reliable... responsive.... friendly... a true pleasure to deal with. Over the course of a number of years, I've never had cause to be in anything other than very pleased with the team at Swans. Quality work.... Highly recommend them!!!

Irma B

It’s the attention to detail. I brought in a jacket and forgot to tell them that there was one of the buttons in the outer pocket that needed to be put on. Since I forgot to mention it, I thought, well, it will get lost, forget it, I’ll get a new button. When I got it back, the button was sewn on. I said, ‘How did you find that?’ and they said, ‘Didn’t you tell us?’ I said, ‘No’. ‘Well, the button was there, there was one missing, and so we put it on.’ I would really call it mindfulness: it is more than just attention to detail and doing a professional job. It is more like trying to be in the customer’s shoes.

Matthias Gründler